Gaming Blog #1 – Infamous

After taking advantage of the 2 free games available from Sony after the PS3 network hacking scandal, I decided to go for Infamous and some(god knows why) Ratchet and Clank rubbish. The Ratchet and Clank game did not last long on my system (surprisingly), but I am glad I left playing Infamous til last.

So your this guy, Cole, delivering some parcel to somebody, then BOOM! Parcel explodes, city is half destroyed, you manage to survive a point blank range blast AND manage to get superpowers at the same time, the ability to shoot and charge lightning in various ways. Not a bad way to introduce the story.

The game carries on in a quarantined, 3 island city with only access to the one you are currently in(GTA style, the further to story prgoresses, another Island opens for access) and your main objective is to escape the chaos that has been ensued since the explosion.

Throughout the game, you gain new powers and can upgrade your skills by gaining experience points(XP)  from main missions, the side missions, even beating the crap out of someone. This helps you play more than just the storyline itself, it encourages you to try and complete the game 100%. Saying this I found XP hard to come by towards the end, finding the only way to gain those last skill upgrades was to hunt down and beat up worthless cronies, which became a little tedious after a while. Some of the side missions I found a bit repetitive too, a range of about 5 different side missions that are tweaked throughout to make them seem different would be my guesstimate.

Out of the powers themselves, I found that I only used a couple of them to full effect and a couple that I never really used at all, like the Gigawatt Blades (a bit pointless in my eyes). Most of the time I found myself just using and spamming the normal electricity shots, until late in the game where I got the lightning storm ability, which for me was one of those say “oooooh” out loud moments.

The one thing I hate in these types of games is to find a certain amount of items, in this case  300 odd shards, to help build up your charge amount (life bar). To find all of them on your own without online help will be like a someone searching for their contact lenses that they dropped in the ocean. Its the same with Assassins Creed with its feathers and flags and Grand Theft Auto with its pigeons  and packages etc. Unless there is a way to hunt them down and detect them on the game itself without having to scour the streets and jump roof top to roof top, I’m not going to bother, they can come find me…

Another moan would have to be the jumping around from building to building malarky. The actual jumping is fine, nice and floaty, bit over exaggerated, but works nice. It is until you are near a building you don’t want to grab onto, it automatically grabs it. A good example of this rage-builder would be the satellite uplink side missions, where you have to be as quick as you can to get to the different satellites before the time runs out. Half of the time I am jumping from a hanging position (that I didn’t want to be in in the first place) on one side of the roof to hanging onto the other side of the roof whilst shouting at the screen “Just land on the bloody rooftop!!!!” By that time, time has ran out, the mission starts all over again, my blood pressure is hitting boiling point, controller nearly goes through window, all because some guy who I am “controlling” won’t stop hanging onto building edges instead of doing as I tell it to do.

The storyline also has several moments of where you, the player, gets to make a choice, with the decision leading to either good karma or bad karma. Depending on what you pick also changes the storyline (slightly). Building karma, either good or bad, helps you get more powerful abilities as well as becoming either a Hero, or Infamous. You get certain powers depending on what route you have chosen i.e. good karma you can get certain good powers, bad karma you can get the better powers.

After playing it through choosing all the good choices (it’s in my nature, I just can’t be mean to other fictional characters). I felt like I needed a while to attempt the bad karma-side of the game, as it took quite a while to complete. Playing it straight off the bat is possible, but would find it a chore the second time as the turnout of the story will be still fresh in your mind.

All in all, Infamous is a definate must-play for me, even though it has its little niggles, what game doesn’t? It doesn’t stop you from playing an extraordinary superhero game, with a great story to go along with it. Great graphics and art in the cut-scenes. It is definately worth getting especially as it has been out a while now, the price for the entertainment it gives you will make you lose a few days.

Next time I may blog about a game that is more recent, who knows…


One thought on “Gaming Blog #1 – Infamous

  1. haha. It’s funny reading this because its pretty much what I thought and what I did as well. I got my two free games from the ps network as infamous and littlebigplanet. I quite enjoyed infamous in the end and it was a decent enough game for free

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