Crazy is the new Sexy….and I hate it

Music videos since being released are designed to attract more people to your song, whether the song is catchy or not. They started off as just the bands or singer performing on stage to a crowd, but imagination and creativity started to creep in. Along the way there has been controversial videos, with a one off crazy song to a crazy video, but the popularity of the band/ singer didn’t hold (with the odd exception as Madonna combined the two throughout her career) and people leaned towards the sexy videos, with less clothing being worn year after year. The “Sexy” period really kicked into overdrive around the noughties mainly female singers such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears etc might as well just wear Bra and knickers whilst grinding on a pole to attract people to buy their material. At this point, I believe the motive changed from attracting people to music to attracting people to the sexy brand of themselves. Sexy videos in the 90’s was normally told in a story and was a one off as the next song was a different type of video, but Aguilera, Spears et al were churning out sexy video after sexy video. Even songs that were not that good were getting to number 1 due to them wearing PVC leather or a mini skirt that might as well just have been a belt. 

Many people jumped on the band wagon and not just in the music industry as tv adverts joined in with sexy videos to promote perfume or chocolate.

Crazy videos have also been around for a while but was always a one hit wonder for most. Then came along Lady Gaga. At first she was just a bit extreme in the fashion sense, but the videos were gradually getting more weird as were her appearances in public for talk shows or Award shows such as wearing a meat dress for example. Nobody has focused on crazy and surreal as much as Lady Gaga before and people are lapping it up. It has also helped that her songs have been catchy and original enough to warrant the number 1 spot for some of her songs. But as the years go by and more songs are released, the effort to up her crazyness is more notable than the effort to write or sing good material. Her most popular song to this date is still Poker Face, her 2nd song that she released, and has failed to reach those heights since. Therefore the motive from songs to craziness has transpired with her recent videos including having her head CGI’d onto a swan body and wearing clothes that wont even be seen on a fashion catwalk speaks volumes. 

Due to the popularity of Lady Gaga, people are already (as expected) jumping on the bandwagon. The more notable being Nicki Minaj and her Neon coloured everything and her wacky hairstyles and the more recent Miley Cyrus with the short haircut, the constant twerking and tongue-sticking out malarky and the licking of sledgehammers. It’s all attention seeking to get people talking about them, whether it is good or bad, its still publicity and that is why Miley is on top of all the tabloids at the moment. The sexy phase is still around and is going strong for some (Katy Perry) and is starting to fail for others (Britney Spears, Madonna) but Crazy is definitely the new sexy and I hate it.

Why do I hate it? It’s because it’s unnecessary, that’s why. Why lick a sledgehammer? Why wear ridiculous clothes? What’s wrong with focussing on writing good enough material to reach the heights of the greats rather than swinging on a wrecking ball or having a hairstyle that looks like a Flump. You don’t see Adele twerking away to Rolling in the Deep do you? In fact she stays sat down throughout the video. Adele doesn’t need to do “Sexy” or “Crazy” as her talents shine through and beyond that. Emeli Sande is popular due to her voice and her songs, yes she has an original hairstyle, but she doesn’t act crazy or hump inanimate objects anywhere? That’s what singers should be about. Singing. Not their image, not how extreme they are, just write good music and sing it well. Nothing is wrong with a bit of sexy or crazy in small doses once in a blue moon to gain your own niche and originality, but for crying out loud stop attention seeking to the extreme and sing your song like a singer, not a Circus attraction.


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