Ass From The Past #4 – Karyn Parsons

Throughout the nineties leading into the noughties (with the continuous repeats),  I was always a big fan of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The comedy it delivered, the morals that were attached to certain episodes and the brilliant casting to bring it altogether made it, for me, one of the top TV Series of it’s time. For this next Ass From the Past entry, it will be for the actress who played the eldest daughter Hilary in the Banks family, Karyn Parsons.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Karyn started getting into acting at the age of 13 and got her first TV role in 1987 in “The Bronx Zoo”. After a few more appearances on other TV shows, she finally found the big break she was looking for, starring as Hilary Banks in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.  With myself living in the UK, I only knew Karyn for starring as Hilary, who’s character also appeared in other US TV sitcoms, such as Blossom and Out All Night. I can remember her character for her ditsy, but annoyingly snobbish persona, with the alluring verity that she was unbelievably attractive, making it a love/ hate relationship for people worldwide. Since Fresh Prince finished in 1996, Karyn went on to co-create and also star in her sitcom “Lush Life”, which lasted one season. She was last seen on our TV screens (according to in 2002 when she was a regular in “The Job” starring alongside Denis Leary.


karyn parsons3

Like most celebrities who I try to contact, my first port of call was Twitter. I found Karyn with ease and asked her outright if she was interested in answering any questions that I had for her. I didn’t believe I would get a response as, with this blog being only a few entries old, I saw Karyn as a popular celebrity to the previous ladies and so I didn’t expect anything to happen. I was wrong. Karyn replied quite quickly saying that it was okay to ask away and to reach out to her on her website Sweet Blackberry. Shell shocked, I went straight to her website to immediately send her my questions before she changed her mind. Unfortunately at this moment in time, she has yet to answer my questions, being busy with her Sweet Blackberry project along with being a full time mum is very time consuming. If there is any progress with Karyn, then I will swiftly update the blog with her answers.   KARYN PARSONS2 From fictional weather girl of yesteryear to the reality of modern, professional grace, my concept of Karyn hasn’t changed at all. In fact, the motivation and will that she enforces into delivering Sweet Blackberry to children across America is a powerful, attractive quality in itself and I will highly recommend you check out her story-telling project by clicking here. If you fully support Karyn’s project and want to help her even more, you can make a donation here to help Sweet Blackberry grow even further.