An Ode to Chocolate Cake

As soon as I’m awake

Doesn’t take me long to take

A piece of my chocolate cake.

Now let there be no mistake

about this chocolate cake

and the qualities needed to bake.

The basic ingredients for any cake

is what you need to take

along with a chocolate flake.

You then give it a good shake

Allowing the flake to break

and then throw it into a chocolate lake.

Now the next part to take

to complete this cake

is to get my mate Jake.

But for goodness sake

keep an eye on Jake

as he will try to take

this most delicious cake

which takes so long to make

that it will make your heart ache.

So if he slithers away like a snake

Hit him in the face with a rake

and take the finished chocolate cake

for you to enjoy after your rump steak.

Or before, if you like….