Ass from the Past #2 – Katelyn Rosaasen

For the second Ass from the Past entry, I was struggling to think of someone  who immediately came to mind from memories past, seeing as though I didn’t think I would be writing another entry and put no thought into anyone in particular. However people asked me for a new post so I decided to act upon it.  After a lot of thinking and people-asking, I just could not get any decent results. I decided to go through my old music collection and came across a nostalgic beauty. It came from watching The Offspring’s “Want You Bad”. I remember this stunning woman at the time of the song’s release as she was also in Linkin Park’s “Crawling” music video. I never found out her name or who she was….until now.

After a quick google search, I have found out gents (and/ or ladies) that her name is Katelyn Rosaasen.


Katelyn was known for appearing as the main woman in Linkin Park’s “Crawling” video as well as Offspring’s “Want You Bad” video. She also briefly appears in Saliva’s “Your Disease” and a brief stint in NSync’s “Gone” according to the eagle-eyed fans on one of her fansites, who also say she has starred in adverts for KFC, Pepsi and a European Gum advert, which I found really hard to find.

With her only being known for these events, it is hard to pinpoint the exact facts of her life so far, which concludes that she is a private person and just prefers to stay out of the limelight, or decided to take another path in her life that didn’t involve the public eye.


I got to work on trying to contact her and originally wrote this blog several months ago with no success, apart from finding her instagram profile and what I believed to be her Facebook page. I decided to send her a message on facebook with some small hope that she may reply just like Lindy Christopher did, but to no success and the possibility that it was a fake. However after re-visiting the situation, it seems she has now signed up to twitter a few months ago. As soon as I discovered her profile, I immediately contacted her hoping for a positive response. This time I was more successful, with her replying and being more than willing to answer my questions. Here is what she had to say:


Out of all the music videos and adverts you have done, which one was the most fun to do/ favourite to film?

My favorite print job I ever did was for the Fornarina campaign in Italy. The location was amazing and the shoot was so much fun. My favorite music video I’ve ever done was probably the Crawling video. Linkin Park was amazing to work with, the nicest guys, and filming was so much fun. The want you bad video was great too. I made a lot of good friends working on that video.


What have you been up to since your appearances on the music videos? Are you still modelling?

I took some time off from modeling and acting to start my family. I got married in 2002, and now I have four amazing children. I’ve done a little modeling over the years, but I’ve put most of my time into my kids. I’ve just recently decided to go back to work and Pursue my passion once again.
If you never became a model or an actress, what do you think you would have done for a career?

If I never became a model I would have probably pursued music. I love music so much and I love to sing.


How long did you film in the foam for in the “Want You Bad” video? That couldn’t have been fun after a while. Also how hard was it to keep a straight face when the actor licked your ear and you licked his neck?

The Filming of the offspring want you bad video took a full day, the actual filming in the foam was probably about 3-4 hours. It was a pretty crazy time. So much fun. I’m not sure how I kept a straight face when Shane licked my ear, it was pretty gross to be honest, I think you just have to get into character, and you just go with it. The actor, Shane Powers was a great guy, super funny. It’s crazy cause the second girl in the video, Michelle Belegrin was his girlfriend at the time and we all became really close friends after that. I think the hardest time I had keeping a straight face was the last shot when they threw the foam in my face, they didn’t tell me they were gonna do that, so that was a real reaction on my part.

Are we likely to see you back on our screens or magazines any time soon? What does the future hold for Katelyn Rosaasen? 

Yes, I’m hoping you will see more of me on screen in the future. I recently signed with Wilhelmina Brown in Austin, and just recently moved back to LA to continue my career. Let’s hope everything goes well 🙂



After a decade passing from her appearances in the music videos and having four children, I believe she looks even better now than when she was back in the videos, which I thought wasn’t even possible. She was very approachable and humble to allow me to ask her questions and responded with great news that she is wanting to return to our screens and gave us an insight into certain parts of her life, which I am very thankful for.

If you’re on twitter and a big fan of Katelyn’s work then go pay her a visit and say hi (@KRosaasen) and say Martin sent you, unless you’re going to pester her then don’t bother. Keep an eye out for her come back, with the possibility hopefully arriving much sooner rather than later.